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NU-MATHIMO – International Conference/ Autumn School, Londonderry (06/09/17 – 08/09/17)

The NU-MATHIMO International Conference / Autumn School took place at SEAGATE Technology, Londonderry, Northern Ireland from 6 to 8th September 2017.

The scope of this event was the identification of new functional magnetic materials. To reach this goal experts from fundamental research as well as from applied technology gathered to present a broad overview of this field. The event included 12 talks from academic and industrial speakers and a tour of the SEAGATE fab. The talk topics ranged from ultrafast magnetic dynamics, magnetic oxides via functional Heusler systems towards future magnetic recording devices and Heat Assisted Magnetic Recording (HAMR).

Following a brief introduction from Mark Gubbins, co-ordinator of the NU-MATHIMO project, the event started with a talk on Design and fabrication of synthetic ferrimagnets: bringing atomistic simulation into the lab from Robert Bowman of Queen’s University Belfast. The second day opened with a talk on Femtosecond laser-induced spin currents and magnetization dynamics from Bert Koopmans of the Institute for Photonic Integration at Eindhoven University of Technology and also included talks on First principles multi-scale theory for current-driven magnetization dynamics from Stefano Sanvito of Trinity College Dublin and on All optical magnetisation switching: Basic physics and potential for new recording technology from Roy Chantrell of the University of York.

Around 40 people from Europe participated in this event including 14 of the NU-MATHIMO fellows. For the full list of speakers and talk abstracts download the detailed program.

Event Organizers:

  • Mark Gubbins (Seagate Technology)
  • Biplab Sanyal (Uppsala University)
  • Heiko Wende (University of Duisburg-Essen)

This event received funding from the People Programme (Marie Curie Actions) of the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) under REA grant agreement no 612170.

NU-MATHIMO Poster Presented at INTERMAG 2017, Dublin, 24th – 28th April 2017

Dirk Walecki presented a poster related to the NU-MATHIMO project at the IEEE International Magnetics Conference, INTERMAG Europe 2017, in Dublin on 27th April.

InterMag-260417-DWPoster Title: Magnetic Coupling Behaviour in Gd/Mn/Fe Trilayers Studied by X-Ray Magnetic Circular Dichroism
Authors: D. Walecki1, A.K. Puri 1, A. Smekhova 2, K. Ollefs1, A. Terwey1, S. Webers1, M. Gubbins3, C. Autieri4, B. Sanyal4 and H. Wende1
1. Faculty of Physics and CENIDE, University of DuisburgEssen, Duisburg, Germany
2. Peter Grünberg Institut, Forschungszentrum Jülich, Jülich, Germany
3. Seagate Technology, Derry, United Kingdom
4. Department of Physics and Astronomy, Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden

INTERMAG is the premier conference on all aspects of applied magnetism and provides a range of oral and poster presentations, invited talks and symposia, a tutorial session, and exhibits reviewing the latest developments in magnetism ranging from fundamental to applied aspects, including advances in magnetic recording, spintronics, energy and power technologies and the emerging field of bio-magnetism.

NU-MATHIMO – Rehearsal and Mid-Term Review Meeting (28/09/2015 – 29/09/2015).

The NU-MATHIMO Project had its Mid-Term Review Meeting with the REA and Technical Reviewer in Brussels, Belgium on the 28th & 29th September 2015. The purpose of this meeting was to review the progress of the project and for the REA to make recommendations on how to improve the project.

Each scientist-in-charge presented their research teams and described their roles within the network, as well as Fellow presenting their background, contributions and experience within the NU-MATHIMO Project.

The overall meeting was a huge success for all parties and with the remaining time left on the project will continue to develop on the achievements from the first 24 months of the project, as well as Training on Research Fellows and Dissemination and Outreach activities.


Seagate Technology: Mark Gubbins & James Clayton.

Universitaet Duisburg-Essen: Heiko Wende, Dirk Walecki & Anil Puri.

Uppsala Universitet: Biplab Sanyal, Serkan Akansel, Rudra Banerjee & Carmine Autieri.

REA: Thierry Colin and Octavian Buiu

Apologies: David Klar and Raghuveer Chimata

NU-MATHIMO – Summer School and Workshop (22/06/2015 – 26/06/2015)

The Consortium held a 3 day Summer School and 2 days’ Workshop at Uppsala, Sweden during the week commencing the 22nd June 2015. Several prominent scientists (theoreticians and experimentalists) from Europe and USA presented state-of-the-art topics in magnetism. The summer school had many Masters and Ph.D. students as attendees who were offered classroom type pedagogical lectures. The workshop was held in Fagerudd where the international speakers presented the results of their current research on magnetism. The topics involved ultrafast magnetization dynamics, magnetocalorics, correlated oxides, spintronics etc. The weeklong programme was extremely successful with high quality scientific discussions and exchange of knowledge.

For more information see the Summer School Page



The NU-MATHIMO Project had its 2nd Consortium Meeting in Duisburg-Essen, Germany on the 13th October 2014. Each partner gave scientific presentation on the progress of the Project and outlined the direction and targets of the project. Fellows presented key results that had been achieved within the project, including: Dirk Walecki presentation on developing high moment layers and Carmine Autieri on Magnetic coupling.


Seagate Technology: Mark Gubbins (Chair) & Christian Wahlen

Universitaet Duisburg-Essen: Heiko Wende, David Klar, Samira Webers, Nico Rothenbach, Leuvenz Kveienkamp, Frank Stromberg, Dirk Walecki, Sergey Markov, Simon Berning, Alevtina Smekhova, Claudia Weis & Joachim Landers

Uppsala Universitet: Biplab Sanyal & Carmine Autieri


NU-MATHIMO – KICK-OFF MEETING (09/10/2013-10/10/2013)

The NU-MATHIMO Project had its KICK-OFF Meeting in Northern Ireland on the 9th and 10th October 2013. The meeting brought together the Scientific Leads of each of the Beneficiaries within the Project (Seagate Technology, Universitaet Duisburg-Essen and Uppsala Universitet), as well as the Fellows and the Project Management Team. The aim of this consortium meeting was to establish the initial Project Management processes, Educate Partners on the Marie Curie Framework and EU Legislation and Project Planning.


Seagate Technology: Mark Gubbins (Chair), Derek McKenzie & Christian Wahlen

Universitaet Duisburg-Essen: Heiko Wende (UDE), David Klar (UDE);

Uppsala Universitet: Biplab Sanyal & Carmine Autieri