Anil Kumar Puri: Experienced Researcher (recruit)


I have been part of the NU-MATHIMO project for one and half years in the group of Prof. Heiko Wende at University of Duisburg – Essen. This position provided me a new experience of working on physical vapor deposition techniques MBE and PLD and at the same time giving me an opportunity to utilize my earlier expertise with magnetic materials.

I have worked with other colleagues in the group of Prof. Wende to investigate new material combinations to achieve NU-MATHIMO goals. This involved designing and fabricating magnetic multilayers, characterizing them using XRD, XRR, TEM and PPMS tools, and finally analyzing the experimental data to provide feedback to the theory group at Uppsala University and research inputs to Seagate Technology.

It has been a good learning time for me in terms of collaborating with industry on a specific goal oriented project and participate in scientific conferences to discuss the research outcomes. The project also enhanced my overall experience in materials research and helped me successfully get a job at Seagate Technology, the leader in data storage industry.