David Klar: Early Stage Researcher (secondee)


During my secondment to Seagate from October 2014 to February 2015 I studied properties of thin film multilayers, i.e. Fe, Cr and Gd. After I had learned to use different tools in the cleanroom, I qualified the deposition rates and analysed the magnetic and structural properties of the deposited stacks. Moreover I worked on design approaches to implement rare earth materials into the write head.

It has been a great experience to work in a large company like Seagate. Fabrication of nanoscale devices on an industrial level differs from the work in academic research and I was able to gain an insight into the work flow and apply my academic knowledge to real challenges of industrial fabrication. In meetings and discussions with Seagate engineers I was able to get complementary professional experience to my academic education.

The secondment helped me to get a permanent position as integration engineer at Seagate six months after my secondment had ended and it made it easier to facilitate the transition from academic research to a job in industry.