Sandra Jendrzej: Early Stage Researcher (secondee)

I received my Bachelor´s and Master´s degree in Chemistry with a main focus on organic and technical chemistry at the University of Duisburg-Essen in Germany. During my undergraduate studies I gained my first insights into the workflow of industrial research and development by completing a five-month internship at Evonik Industries. After finishing my master thesis on the topic ”Adsorption of Iodine Compounds on Laser-Generated Pt Nanoparticles for Medical Application”, I started pursuing my Ph.D. about laser-generated noble metal nanoparticles at the Institute of Technical Chemistry.

During my academic research I joined Seagate Technology as a Marie Curie Early Stage Researcher on the NU-MATHIMO project. Whilst on secondment, I prepared high moment high damping magnetic materials using physical vapor deposition sputtering systems for FMR characterization in Uppsala. Along with the preparation of these materials, I was involved in doing basic characterizations on the materials using Looper, AFM and Ellipsometry. During my three-month stay in Seagate I gained my first experience in the work in a cleanroom environment and in the complex physical processes behind the large scale production of hard disc heads. As a result of my secondment, I have not only improved my technical but also my English skills.