Simon Bance: Experienced Researcher (recruit)


I joined Seagate primarily to work on research and development of the magnetic materials and devices in heat-assisted magnetic recording (HAMR) hard disk drives. Such work involves numerical modelling of the write pole and surrounding components, such as coils and shields. The move to HAMR has made it necessary to drastically rethink our write pole designs. The integration of new components, such as lasers and plasmonic materials, into the writer has presented many new challenges. An expansion of R&D activities has been decisive in getting HAMR to market.

As part of my involvement with the NU-MATHIMO project, I contributed work on new write pole materials. Specifically, I modelled the effects of new hybrid write pole materials that have been proposed to increase the available write pole field.

Moving from academia to industry – into a true cross-border technology giant – challenged me to learn rapidly. In the very beginning I was able to quickly apply my existing skills and knowledge in micromagnetics due to the overlap with my previous work. As time went on there were many opportunities to learn new science, learn to use new software tools and to understand the industrial approach to researching and developing new user products.

This move came at a great time for me to gain further industrial experience. I am now in a great position to either continue my career in industry or to go back to academia with new insights and a wider skill set. It has directly helped to strengthen the connections between the company and academic contacts, which will benefit future collaborative work.