Xin Chen: Early Stage Researcher (secondee)

I received my Bachelor´s and Master´s degree in Physics with the main focus on condensed matter physics at Shandong University in China. During my master period, I gained my first insights into the study of structures, energetics and electronic properties of materials based on Density functional theory. After finishing my master thesis on the topic ”Theoretical Investments of Two-dimensional Topological Insulators Based on Group IV Elements”, I started pursuing my Ph.D. on Ab initio theory of novel 2D materials, at the Department of Physics and Astronomy of Uppsala University. My study interest is mainly about magnetic and optical properties of materials.

In heat assisted magnetic recording technology, plasmonic materials are very important. To find a proper plasmonic material, one needs to know the optical properties of materials and structural stability at high temperatures. During my three months stay in Seagate Technology as a Marie Curie Early Stage Researcher on the  NU-MATHIMO project, I investigated the optical properties of metallic, nitride and other candidate materials by DFT based calculations as well as Drude model.

The work in Seagate was enlightening for me, and I will do further calculations of materials optical properties when I return to Uppsala